June 02, 2008

Teaser Trailer :) - US B-schools and INSEAD

US B-schools are, without a doubt, a destination for a vast majority of applicants. This is not without a reason - there are several terrific schools, the US market is the largest MBA market in the world, and for many US is the dream destination. Increasingly, however, people are also beginning look at other compelling options. While INSEAD and LBS have established solid reputation in the general MBA world, a lot of people still suffer from having to decide whether to study in INSEAD or, say, a US school.

Many discussions also lead to some school "stereotypes" that are often repeated, never questioned, and finally accepted as reality. And for me, this means another nice topic to go after -- is INSEAD really that behind US schools - especially as a career option (given that a good post MBA career is the most important thing for most graduates)? Is it even dumb to compare INSEAD to a US top 3-10 regardless of what FT says? There are many who take US news rankings as the "best ranking" and this ranking excludes (obviously) non-US schools.

So, in my supreme slackery in between travel, I fired up my Windows Movie Maker 2.0 to check out how I could make short movies -- and instead, I created a trailer for my upcoming post.. now don't get all worked up about the trailer and the John Williams music...just chill :)


small said...

why don't you add Harvard and Wharton to the analysis as well?
Especially since INSEAD is considered to be as good as these two schools. It would be nice to see a thorough, unbiased, non FT/ US news/ Business Week analysis of the top 2 American schools Vs. a top (or THE top?) European one.

Anonymous said...

yes yes i agree! please include these two.. (although i dont know if harvard released placement stats?)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Cant wait any longer as I trust that this one would be without any commercial interest unlike many others.

necromonger said...

OK, eager people, (I'm assuming the last Anon post wasn't sarcastic :) ), the reason I am not including H/W or H/S or H/S/W is because for the moment I want to highlight comparison with some of the other top US schools. I've included MIT Sloan as well (new inclusion)

I think in general people like to keep H/S/W as the "biggest-and-baddest", so when I focus on them I might be looking at some other parameters.

I am hoping to keep the post as unbiased as I can be, though I know there will always be elements people might object to, but that's OK. To the extent possible I am staying faithful to the numbers as presented by schools themselves. I need a couple more days though..