June 20, 2008

Oops...too many requests

I've got so many mails asking me to post on a variety of topics and its unlikely I can cover them all. I'll cover a few things and leave the rest to the future bloggers. As one commenter pointed out, it's unusual for a student in a top MBA program to have so much time ;) well, actually, I don't. In a course of 2 years, I've had only 3 long posts that took weeks to compose. The remaining take barely 30 minutes a stretch...so statistically, I really wasn't spending so much time.

Nevertheless, the days are very hectic again as we race to completion and have many social activities to tend to, but I'll do my best before signing off. Today we had the INSEAD Cabaret - it was hugely enjoyable. I'll try getting some pics up sometime later if I can.

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