June 19, 2008

Blog transition! D-Day beaches at Normandy / Allied Invasion

As part of my transition process, it's time for me to welcome the D'08 blogs. I hope you will find ongoing information there!

D'08 - if anyone of you reads my blog - I'd be happy to link your blog (you do not need to reciprocate) if it is active. I will add the blog list to my lists in a couple of days. It is also time to phase out inactive or previous blogs.

In other news, As part of my travel I recently visited all the D-Day beaches in Normandy (Utah, Omaha, Juno, Sword, Gold). If you have an appreciation for WW II and an interest in history, this tour is a must. A few photos.. the commentary for each photo is below it.

A view of the Omaha Dog Green sector which is the same sector depicted in Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan opening scene. What surprised me was how touristy the beach had become.

Barbed wires on a German bunker/ German bunker and staircase in Point-Du-Hoc which is an astonishingly preserved battle zone with German bunkers, bomb craters, and long range artillery.

Tetrahedrons on the Utah beach, meant to damage water craft incoming on the beaches. Now at display near the solemn Utah beach memorial.

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