June 10, 2008

Apologies for the delay ;) (not really)

update: The post did get published today, but there are some lousy blogger formatting problems (that don't show up in edit more), so I need to fix them. So later today..

Yes, I got mails as well, I know some are waiting for that INSEAD and the US B-schools post. Just looking at data from multiple schools (I finally used Chicago GSB, Columbia, MIT Sloan, Darden and Ross) takes a little while and I was doing it little by little each day. It's pretty much done and should be posted tomorrow. Just don't send me parcel bombs because there was nothing "revelationary" in it :)

But for those curious, I took a shot at INSEAD vs. Wharton - not "vs." in a bad way, but in a friendly way. That comes later in a separate post. Now if you'll excuse me, I actually have some course work to do and I really should graduate with all courses passed... I also have a lot of traveling to do, and partying to do (I missed the Montmelian ball), and I also need to spend 2 hours by the river side near my house - it's gorgeous.

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