December 20, 2009

Hello there - I'm back (or am I?)

Been a while since I sort of killed off this blog. I thought it would die slowly, fading off into obscurity. I'm surprised at how well it's held out in the absence of any new posts! The traffic is steady as it always was - so I figured maybe a post now and then, injecting it with something new (a post MBA perspective) might actually help some people who want to know more about "what happens after?"

Much has happened since my recruitment days. I had offers, chose a job, moved to a new country, learned about new sectors and industries, lost my job in the great recession (yes we are all dispensable),  leveraged my alumni network, found a new job, supported a little venture of someone close to me, wrote down a detailed business plan for a new venture that I think has lots of potential but then have not pursued it yet for various reasons. I also indulged in a new hobby about which I have no intention of writing on this blog (no, it's nothing shady). So. There is much to talk about - for example, about challenges in deciding what you want post MBA, about life in consulting, about life when you get laid off, about life when you seek a new job, about what it means to switch sectors after experience in a different one for many years,  and about what the alumni network actually means.

So, perhaps, in the coming days I will have some more to talk about.