June 16, 2008

Blog statistics/What next?

It's been an interesting journey - this blog now clocks over 10,000 views a month, appears on many meaningful searches, probably has by far the largest number of RSS subscribers for an INSEAD blog, and is about to cross a 100,000 views. Not bad for a INSEAD specific niche blog. If I were from, say, Wharton, I might have had a wider audience.

One would be tempted to see how to further "explode" the audience by widening the range of topics, or rope in other writers etc. But once this journey is over in a few days, it's also perhaps the time to end the blog, remove links to older and redundant blogs, link the "fresh ones" and let the next batch take over. It's always best when said from the perspectives of a current student or an applicant. I have an idea for my next on-line casual/hobby venture and it has nothing to do with an MBA or a personal blog. I doubt anyone is interested in reading my personal stories.

Before I sign off for good in a couple of, if you want to see posts on anything specific, drop a comment. I might! I'm mentioning this right now because longer posts need more time.


Rajeev said...

Add up your RSS subscriptions and reads and you will have a rather huge number. Most of the time I trust my feed reader to get the latest from you thereby people like me do not get counted in the 10K. In case you want interesting stats on your feeds check out feedburner. Reduce the length of content in the feeds which forces people to come to your site.(I personally hate it and swear I would remove this feed the way I chopped of Mr bachhan :) ).

Regarding the widening of the content , I am not too sure. My expectation from this blog is set and I cannot say whether the content would appeal or not. But surely I would be interested in personal stories.

On a parallel note I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this blog. Honestly this has been a great source of inspiration for me. There are posts which helped me to introspect,helped me in getting my facts right. Truly amazing.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Could you post about the reality of attending INSEAD when you have children? That's a perspective I haven't found many other places that would be very helpful to some of your readers and aspiring MBAs.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see a post commenting on industry recruitments - process followed by most companies, typical job roles by the top recruiters (if you feel its appropriate to share that), EU positions for non EU passport holders, salaries as compaired with IB/consulting...and any other info.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Necro,

There are a lot of people, who impatiently wait for your promised final essay about your job finding adventures. Please, do not forget about it!

Regards from Russia,