May 23, 2007

Who is Necromonger?

so here's a little about myself.. (each text refers to the image below it)

I was born here. A little village away from everything else.

Almost all my childhood vacations were spent here, in my father's ancestral home. My cousins and I ran amok the fields, mountains and streams. It was mischief unlimited inc.

Most of my schooling was here (prior to high school and engineering)

And then I did my engineering here, great 4 years, lots of ups and downs, and friendships that have lasted ever since.

Somewhere along the way, and after that, I've lived in these places

and now, I'm headed here...

and then perhaps here,

or perhaps here?

and after ... I don't know where I will be, but I first want to visit this,

and later, after paying all my school fees, making big bucks, I want to own this island and build my mansion there and chill...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

So, there you have it. All about me.

Minor update: June 2008! - so about an year ago, I wrote about who I was. time has passed, and it's now time to say where I am headed next. Check it here.


Wannabe said...

nice post! :)

rungee582 said...

Hey, I wanna end up on that island too!!!

DTLF said...

Nice one, Necro. Way to think outside the box ;D

Juggler said...

Hey do drop me a line if you do a term at Wharton!

RusGirl said...

Ha, looks a bit like SimCity :)))

Jack said...

Hmm....All I can infer is.. Bangalore..tough CR

Carl said...

Haha...this is awesome! Here's to wishing you were in my class.