June 04, 2008

Prospective INSEAD applicants/profile evaluation - how to

This post is a brief guideline on how to ask me for a profile evaluation - you will save your time and mine, and hopefully actually get something useful instead of a generic "you have a chance" response. In particular, please avoid "hey dude, I got 690 in GMAT will I get INSEAD?".

Content desired

  1. Tell a little about yourself. I'd like to read a personal email, and am more likely to respond. Remember I'm not an admissions consultant!
  2. Put your latest GMAT score, years of full time experience, nationality.
  3. Mention international experiences if you have.
  4. Mention your most significant" extra-curricular or community achievement. being a member of a foosball club when you were 12 years old doesn't count.
  5. Mention perhaps the best leadership example at work if possible.
  6. Your motivation for INSEAD specifically
  1. The best way to ask a question is to make it answerable in a sentence.
  2. Avoid asking me very specific % breakdowns (e.g. # of British who were bankers who are going to PE in UK or US) - I wouldn't know!
  3. Don't ask me to make choices for you! I cannot tell you "where to apply" - do your research.

I've written quite a bit on preparations and research. Many of your questions are probably answered in my blog - here are a fewposts that I think are useful to potential applicants.
  1. This post specifically gives many pointers as part of the application. useful
  2. You can read this to understand GMAT relevance, especially for post INSEAD consulting choices
  3. My stand on choosing business schools is here, and it hasn't changed.

The post on US B-schools contrasted with INSEAD is coming soon - be patient :) I already see queries hitting my analytics - "INSEAD vs. Chicago GSB", "INSEAD vs. MIT Sloan" - the post is not really a "vs." so don't expect a shooting war!

And here are couple of pics from a recent trip..

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Hyung-Suk said...

I'd like to get a comment about my application profile for INSEAD.How can I contact you?Asking through this comment system seems to be little dangerous in terms of private information security. Please let me know how can I send my profile to you. Take Care!