June 09, 2008

How the INSEAD dual campus /Singapore Fontainebleau structure works

Just as a complement to my previous post on how this works,

  1. When you apply, you specify a campus (Singapore or Fonty) of choice. It's not guaranteed though in majority of cases you get your first preference.
  2. You do the first 2 periods (i.e P1 and P2) in the starting campus
  3. A lot of people switch campus in p3 for 1 period, and return to their original campus in P4
  4. Those who are interested in recruitment in a certain region will be in that region campus for P4 and P5. Typically many travel from Singapore to Fonty for P4 and P5. Some from Fonty go to Singapore in P4/5 for recruitment targeted to Asia.
  5. Once recruitment is over in P4 (in most cases), many from Singapore travel to Fonty for P5 so they can graduate with the rest of the class.
  6. Graduation ceremonies are held in both campuses - the Fonty ceremony is obviously much bigger. Many travel from Singapore to Fonty just for graduation as well (it is allowed and possible)
In my case, P1, P2, P3 - Singapore. P4, P5 - Fonty
Other sample patterns are

P1, 2 - Singapore, P3 - Fonty, P4,5 Singapore
P1, 2 - Singapore, P3 - Fonty, P4 - Wharton, P5 - Fonty

How you mix it depends on how adventurous you are. But it all works seamlessly and it's surprisingly flexible. You decide which campus you want to be in, when in P2. But it can be changed.

This year, the rush to come to Singapore in P3 from Fonty was so high they had to put a wait list. Typically everyone who wants to go to Fontainebleau from Singapore gets to go (large campus, more capacity).

So, that's that about the dual campus structure. And here are a couple of pics of the beautiful river side walk near my house...its fantastic when the weather is good. Can't do this in Singapore.


HM said...

I have to say, there are very few blogs on the internet that actually have unique and useful information, but this is definitely one of them. I'm very impressed.

Side note: I'm an INSEAD applicant and I'll know in a week's time whether I've been accepted for September's intake. That leaves me very little time to plan so the detailed Singapore/Fonty reviews are very handy!

necromonger said...

Thanks, HM. I was hoping to give back to the applicant community what I got when I was applying -- glad to see it's helping.

And good luck with the results!

beme said...

necromonger - Just saying Thank as word would not be enough for what I have gained from your posts. Fantastic effort and worthy message for folks like me sniffing around for some meaningful information. I would be applying for INSEAD 2009 and trust could return the way you are.