April 29, 2008

Plan B - what is yours?

In strategy or marketing there is often the lesson that a company or individual needs to have a 'Plan B'. The bottom line is a back-up, fall-back option if the primary course of action fails.

For example, getting a job. For most of us, plan 'A' is really getting the job we seek in campus recruitment. But getting that job is a function of variables within our control (CV, academics, interview performance) and beyond (Economy at large, company performances, the institution's brand image in the eyes of recruiters). This comes to the question of 'what is your plan B''?

It could be any of the following, depending on one's priority.

  1. Find a job on-campus but not necessarily in my preferred area
  2. Find a job off-campus in a preferred area of work, through networking
  3. Find a job off-campus in a related area of work, through networking
  4. Go back to my previous employer in a different role, different function
  5. Go back to my previous employer - not much change in role or function
I was mindful of the environment and competition, so I kept my lines open for off-campus opportunities and my past employer and kept them engaged in conversation. At this point, of course, I think I have what I wanted so my back-up plans may not need to materialize. In the past weeks, I've sometimes wondered what else I could be doing...hmmm....

a) Farming - my dad owns some land in our village farm. Assuming he would employ me..

b) Shady Bollywood back-dancer / fighter - one of my class mates has some connections in Bollywood. I could be in there. No, not as a hero, but if you've seen some Bollywood movies you see that in certain song and dance sequences there are these badly-dressed, bad-looking dudes dancing in the background showing off some awful moves. I could fit that! I could be a fighter as well.. the one that gets beaten up by the hero and flies through glass walls, fruit carts etc. That works as well.

c) Singapore food-court owner/seller - I could make some $$$ there! Apply for a food court license and open one near INSEAD. But then..Singapore laws do not look kindly on illegal immigrations. I don't mind getting deported but getting my @ss caned isn't what I'm looking for. I'll pass this one.

I wanted to travel Northern France for 2 days, but I'm stuck at Fonty due to certain circumstances that prevent me from planning. Crap.

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