April 17, 2008

Pauses and Silence

Yes, I know. I've been rather quiet last couple of days - the mad recruitment rush combined with panic of not getting anything done was hitting me like everyone else on campus. You might ask how things are going with me on recruitment, and I will tell you that it's much like most others. Moments of elation, stress, distress, tension, happiness, jubilation, dings, resignation, thrill - it's all there. But overall I'm quite happy where things are headed for me.

I have a few things I want to post on once I relax a bit - next week is terrible with all the term assignments coming in and I haven't started anything yet! It would be terrible to repeat courses in P5!

And this is a wish to a good friend and a fellow blogger. Happy birthday! (assuming you'll see this post on the right day) and here's wishing some great times ahead, and a chance look to a wonderful tomorrow! I would have wished you in person but I'm not in town. You brought me a beer, and I owe you one in return. Next week!

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bsch00l4sp!r4nt said...

Looks like your recruitment exp. went well... did you celebrate the downtime with some beers/