April 27, 2008

A few more tidbits / France / Recruitment..

Just some random tidbits and a little more information on recruitment

first, my interesting experience at the local supermarket. So I live in a little village (small town..whatever) which has a pretty decent supermarket. I mean, it really is a supermarket - like a mini-Albertsons or Big Y or Stop n' Shop etc. My friend and I were out grocery shopping around noon to stock our fridge. Suddenly, at one point, most of the lights go off - and there is some rapid fire announcement on the store speakers. Now, both of us don't speak French (he's a Swede who's lived most of his student/working time in UK) and we have no clue what was said - but we saw many people scurrying towards towards the exit area. I'm thinking "emergency?! fire drill? evacuation order?" and as we go near the rows of cashiers, most others are lining up as well. "This can't be emergency.." I thought..and then it dawned on us and we both cracked up laughing. It was lunch time and the supermarket was closing and kicking us out. That was the first time ever I got thrown out of a superstore... well, the French definitely care about their lunch/free time, which is pretty cool, even if it surprises some of us. But I just couldn't help come up with this..jus' kiddin' of course ;)

Now about recruitment -- well it's been a rather stressful time. I've done OK I guess given the situation and I have something firm on hand - and I really like it. I have a few more final rounds to go for other companies, and once the dust settles I will put in some posts about what helped me during recruitment, what surprised me and so on.

I saw the palace at Versailles, it's pretty awesome. France is beautiful in Spring. Pictures coming soon.

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