April 28, 2008

End of P4

The INSEAD P4 finally ended (2 days ago). We are now 4/5th into the course with the last leg starting on Monday. Overall, it's been a great ride - stressful at times - but rewarding ultimately. P4 specifically has mixed emotions - on one hand we have some great electives but on the other, we are consumed by the job search process that sucks your soul. So a few observations, highlights or whatever you want to call it.

1. Cell phones are objects of terror - sitting and waiting for that call - rejection or "next round" or offer, is horrible.
2. Cell phones buzzing and people walking out in middle of class - truly weapons of mass destruction. Everyone freaks out when this happens - "are they calling?", "will my phone buzz?" .. and when the person who walked out comes in, everyone is looking at them to gauge their expression. Is that joy? disappointment?
3. The best electives get little love - ICA (Karel Cool) and MDS (Market Driving Strategies - Markus Christen) are both great electives. Except that I really couldn't concentrate and did horribly in ICA tests. I really wish we had 2 months in INSEAD that was only about recruiting and no classes...because I missed out really learning ICA in depth. My advise to future intakes is that if you're really focused on the job search and want to do ICA - do it in P5 when things are more settled. A lot of people are distracted in the classes.
4. People chill a little bit - there's not that much heavy peer pressure to party or do anything you don't really want to do
5. France gets really pretty in spring - when the weather's good, it's lovely outside. Though it still isn't consistently good weather - rains many of the days.
6. People stress in P4 - understandable..job search anxiety, bad economic conditions..can't read FT anymore..series of dings..not fun!

I'm hungry. And I need to wait 40m more for food. Let's do a case. Profitability of the INSEAD cafe has been  declining in the last 2 years. Frank wants to know why. Find out the reason and also make 3 recommendation how you would improve it. Now..let's split this to Revenue side and Cost side... ;)

I'm hungry. And I'm delusional from hunger.

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