April 29, 2008

Two useful tips / easy subscription to this blog/HDD cleaner

Subscribing to this blog so that you need don't need to visit this page often to check for updates...

You can subscribe to this blog by email by clicking on the "Subscribe by email" link to the left of the page.

You can also "subscribe" to this blog and get instant updates by simply clicking on the "Subscribe" on the left table of this blog. It should look like the image below..

or if you're feeling particularly lazy but want to do it anyway, just click here or subscribe later (once you figure it all out) by using http://feeds.feedburner.com/LetMeWearASuitPlease

If you've never used a feed reader, do some reading about it on the web, and then subscribe using IE7 or Google Reader or Yahoo etc. When you subscribe to a feed, you never have to keep coming to the blog to check updates...the reader will fetch the latest posts automatically. Very convenient. Try it. Really.

Keeping your Hard Disk Lean and Mean!

If you are a heavy PC user and your HDD is filling up with junk, it may be time to clean up some space. I found this great tool called CCCleaner (free) which helps you get rid of a lot of crap. I freed about 1/2 GB (and that's a lot considering I clean my PC quite often). I also used RegToy (free) another great tool for Windows that helps you tweak many parameters (don't use it if you are scared of IT and don't know much about registries and computers...)

This weather sucks. Raining for the last 2 days.

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