April 05, 2008

Batman applies for a job - consulting recruitment sagas

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We've discovered a pattern to "ding" mails from companies. If the email subject is "Your application to .." it's a ding. Don't even open the mail.

If the body starts with "Dear <>, We thank you for your application to ...<>" - that means
ding as well. Don't read further.

It's becoming a fun ride!

In other snippets - yesternight I returned to Fony from London very late in the night - around midnight. No bus, cabs - nothing to go to school. 2 guys looked at us (I was with a friend) and asked us to get into their car - er, taxi. We did. They got us to school, and refused to take money! Just a ride, they said. To us, it was such a pleasant surprise and a random act of kindness. Mustafa and Ahmed, I wish you guys good times!


Anonymous said...

I have been reading with great interest your Blog, it is an amazing eye opener. My gf is from Thailand and her dream is to become elligible for INSEAD. I was told that no Thai nationals had yet been admited to INSEAD? would this be possible? I know it is a pretty weird question but is there a way to find out?
Thanks and keep this great blog alive!

Anonymous said...

job some n jobs go - i suppose everyone on campus will sooner or later find their calling
just like applicants (like me) feel bad when dinged, but whatever happens does so for a purpose --- err, am I getting too philosophical? All the best, anyways!