November 29, 2007

Century! Journey and GMAT Recap

This is the 100th post since this blog started! On June 08 2006 I decided to bite the GMAT bullet. The posts in June 2006 were focused on GMAT preparation. On Aug 26 2006 I finished my GMAT, and on Aug 28, I wrote a post on GMAT quant traps - a post that many have found useful. After that, my posts focused on essays, schools of interest, application process, the INSEAD interview pre-selection post. Then, in Jan 2008, came the news I was waiting for - the admit.

Since then there have been numerous posts on INSEAD, which I will not repeat. So far, it has been a worthwhile journey. As you embark upon yours, I hope it will be as well.

Those who are preparing for GMAT, I have 3 points to make.

1. It's a lot about timing and calm under pressure. Never let a question take away more than 3 minutes of your time, move on.

2. SC gives you the best return on invested time. The GMATPrep test is the best preparation tool.

3. A good score is useful for top schools. While a high score won't necessarily get you in, a low score will very likely keep you out. Do not underestimate the exam.

Do well!

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bsch00l4sp!r4nt said...


Congratulations on making the century. I get the feeling that you were also feeling a little nostalgic. I attended the INSEAD info. session @ Chicago today. And I think INSEAD is on my list. I was sold :-)

At the intro they showed a video of the dash (and the guy in the chicken? suit). It reminded me of one of your posts...