December 03, 2007

Fun filled Desi Week

Another facet of the diverse INSEAD MBA is that we have a tradition of "national weeks", where a week belongs to a country, group of countries or even a continent and the week has many themes where students from the specific group/country represent their regions in different ways.

In the last few weeks we had had The Korea-Japan week, Aussie week, Africa week - and the last week was "desi" week. (A "desi" is someone from the Indian Subcontinent). It was a great fun filled week, with the t-shirts, dinner, party all sold out, well attended and very well organized by all those involved in it (Good work, guys/gals!)

The event was sponsored by Merrill Lynch (thanks!). Yo, Merrill Lynch, come hire more INSEAD grads!

* yup, I drew the poster.


mbabound said...

They combined Korea & Japan into one week??

necromonger said...

Why are you surprised? :) Yes, it was combined and it went of very well too.