October 16, 2006

INSEAD applications..coming close!

*phew* I'm almost done with INSEAD applications - I need to submit them today or tomorrow so I can meet the October 16th round 1 deadline. I think I'm in a decent position to do so.

BTW - I feel good about how I met the word limits on the essays. On the 2 career essays and 6 personal essays, I'm happy to say I've stuck to the *exact* word limit as specified by the essay instructions. When I say exact, I really mean exact - and all 8 of them!

Some might think I'm being silly, but that's OK :) And I don't think I've compromised on the content anywhere. I've said what I wanted to, and that's it. I also had my essays reviewed only by 2 people - my wife and a colleague of mine who's great at essays and english in general - that's it. I did not want to send it to too many people and have my ideas and style diluted, and I'm pretty happy with my decision. Only time will tell if it was the right thing to do.

Next step? well - submit and then then waiting game begins. I do plan, of course, to start preparing my applications for IMD and/or Oxford Said in a couple of days. Wish me luck!

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