November 09, 2007

Thanks, Zanat0s (a.k.a. Stefanos!)

Thanks, Stefanos, for mentioning my entry on recruitment style in international b-schools vis-a-vis Indian management schools. Your own story might be an interesting supplement on how motivated job searches can lead to interesting outcomes.

For other aspirants, to just get an idea of how networks can be leveraged, read his latest entry.

We are coming to a close of Africa week, and Desi week preparation is under way. This week (and the next 2 weeks) promise to be full of activities apart from tons of case work and group assignments. To those NYU Stern people, your professor (who is currently also teaching OB at INSEAD) Doug Guthrie is very good, his opening class yesterday was fun. And we could tell that some of our class shenanigans (we have interesting class behavior  - all in fun and good spirit) took by a bit of surprise (pleasant ones, don't worry).

I need to do a post on our professors some time.

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Stuart said...

Hey necromonger!

i'm stuart from St. Gallen (
i too found your post about the recruitment process quite interesting. Would it be ok if i mentioned it on my blog? (with due reference to you).

Also, i will add your blog to my favorite links. in case u like my blog, pls feel free to add my link to ur site too