November 19, 2007

Managing activities - Clubs, events, sports, cases..*tiring*

One of the standard refrains from MBA students is the amount of workload. It's true in most schools, and more so at INSEAD simply due to the compressed nature of the course. Let's take a simple list of all the things I will be doing this week

  1. A bunch of case submissions (we have about 25 case submissions in the next 4 weeks, and each case requires a decent couple of hours of work)
  2. Studying all the mandatory materials for the next days class
  3. Sending in my creative substance to a major event happening next week (more details coming soon)
  4. Participating in 2 club activities
  5. Running 2 clubs (I founded one, and am leading the other in Singapore)
  6. Participating in 3 different career services events (not recruitment, these are more about development, strategies for searching etc.)
  7. Playing soccer against the other section ("we'll kick your @ss!")
  8. Completing my CV - which takes insane amounts of work. That's a topic for the blog. Getting an effective CV / Resume in place within 1 page is incredible hard work. All the reviews and all the's crazy. If you are a new intake, get a basic CV in place before you land up here or you'll spend tons of time doing one.
  9. Bidding for electives in P3. We can bid for 3.5 credits, there are many interesting electives but unfortunately we can only get 3.5.
  10. Other sundry personal work I need to do - like booking flight tickets for travel, hotels, blogging, meetings, eating, sleeping...
Tiring. But I'm lovin' it. I would hazard a guess that it is similar whether in Wharton, Columbia, Stern, Chicago or any other school.

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