November 23, 2006

Called for Interview at INSEAD

As a good start to a holiday, I received a mail this morning from INSEAD saying I was "pre-selected" for interview. This is great because getting the interview itself is a hurdle, and now my chances are better. Unlike many other schools, at INSEAD and IMD, an interview is mandatory gate before offer. If no interview is offered, that means you got dinged.

Now I need to wait while they find the right alumni in the US (preferable east coast) for me to interview with.

Relief. One more step to go.


TheCaspian said...

Congrats dude! Are you in the US?

necromonger said...

Yes Indeed I am -- in CT.

amorkia said...

does anyone know what percentage insead takes to the interview stage? or is it like kellog where they interview everyone ?