February 24, 2007

*chuckle* "650 GMAT for Indian no good" - I hear you man!

Google analytics shows me some of the ways a user is directed to my blog. Recently, I saw this query that seems to have hit my blog as the top link!
"650 GMAT for Indian no good"
I hear you man - and I feel your pain! I'm sorry but I could not help but smile after I read this. It is a very legitimate query, and unfortunately if you are targetting top schools it could be 'no good' especially if you are a typical Indian/IT/Male with no "stellar" experiences. I had a reasonably better score but trust me, I've had my moments of doubt amidst a sea of 750 and 760s. Of course, as we all say, a GMAT score is not everything - but it turns out that it is one part of the application that you have true control on, and you would rather do well there than not.
Long ago, I posted this http://onwardtomba.blogspot.com/2006/10/indian-jones-and-profile-of-doom.html during my "moments of doubt" as I was completing my application to INSEAD so I know what you're talking about.
Whoever you are, anonymous reader, I wish you luck in your exam and I hope you get what you seek!

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maxjax said...

Wasn't me, but thanks... I'm looking to get into INSEAD in Sep '08. :)