October 19, 2006

Indian-a Jones and the Profile of DOOM

So you're Indian and you want to apply to a good business school. Good luck. Really. It sucks to be an Indian, ask me.

Here's the problem - too many Indians with high scores applying all over the place, and most of us have similar backgrounds. Basically if I apply with a 750 gmat and 3.8 GPA and I have an IT background, I'm probably average compared to the pool. Boohoo.

Now can anything be done about it? not really. Prepare a good app, hope that you did some stellar stuff in your work, and then pray they think you're different ;)

I have no complaints about universities dissing Indian applicants with high score and take in someone else with less stellar metrics. If they did not do that, the classes would be filled with same-sounding same-thinking 760 GMAtters from IITs. Not a class I want to be in. And personality is not all about numbers. There sure are very impressive people from whom one can learn, even if their GMAT is 650 and GPA is 2.9, and with a very unique background they do deserve to be in compared to someone with a "like everyone else" profile and a high GMAT.

Bottomline: suck it up and spruce your app and fight it out.