February 09, 2007

Fooling around with statistics

I just looked at the my Google Analytics statistics for visits to my blog. There are some interesting trends (all trends taken over a certain period of time)
  1. The top nation in terms of visits is the US, accounting for 67% of the hits. The next is India at ~8%. Surprisingly, Singapore is the next and I suspect this is because my blog is heavily slanted towards INSEAD.
  2. In the US, california tops the percentage list with 22.25% followed by New York at 17.6% and Massachusetts at 16.7%
  3. In India, Bangalore - the city - accounts for 40% of all the hits from the entire country.
  4. Comcast is the most popular Internet provider
  5. http://blog.clearadmit.com is the biggest "referrer" followed by hella's opencoder http://opencoder.org/mbablogs/applicants/
  6. Zero hits from Mainland China (but a small % from Hong Kong).
  7. Over 1/3rds of visits to the blog are repeat visitors.
  8. Even searching for common keywords like "INSEAD interview" or even "INSEAD" is getting my blog within the top hit lists in Google.
I'm making a few inferences from these hard numbers and correlating them to all the things we've read and heard in forums, boards, discussions and articles.
  1. The US has maximum interest in MBA (duh) and low Europe numbers indicate possible lower hits to english language sites.
  2. The heavy Indian/IT problem becomes apparent when you consider that Bangalore, the IT hub of India, accounts for bulk of India hits. All those IT engineers applying for business school!
  3. California has highest US hits. Again, no surprises - the presence of Silicon Valley, and perhaps many engineers showing an active interest in getting themselves an MBA explains this number. New York follows next, and then MA - none of these are surprising to say the least. What is interesting is Illinois is at 10 well below NJ, Texas, CT, PA, MD and DC. I thought the presence of Chicago should have gotten Illinois higher up. GA does not feature - looks like not many from Atlanta are interested in researching European business schools like INSEAD. Even in CA, Santa Clara ties with Los Angeles. Hmm...Santa Clara = many Indian and white/chinese engineers. Oops. It shows the density of interest based on demography. A relatively small "town" like Santa Clara (I've lived there for a while so save your indignation!) matches a huge city like LA!
  4. Clearadmit is pretty popular and many seem to visit their blogs. Hella's list is pretty close too.
  5. My repeat visitor list in increasing slowly but steadily. Perhaps my blog doesn't suck so bad after all.
  6. The Chinese hate me and my blog ;) aw C'mon now! Ni-Hau!!
  7. No hits from Japan. I suspect Language issue and low interest in going out of Japan. Nihon-jin watashino blog-nu Irrasshaimasen!! Anatano watashino blog no interest desu ka? (ok, that's a really bad sentence, but my Nihon-jin friends will get what I'm trying to say. Don't correct me grammar Nazis, I know the sentence sucks)
  8. Many visits from Cisco.com - bad bad engineers! Browsing blogs at work! I may need to drop a line to John Chambers!
  9. Surprising that common keyword hits on INSEAD get my blog on Google's first couple of pages (if not among the first few). More than an indication of my blog being super top class kick-ass insightful, I think INSEAD needs more blogs with better choice of keywords!
  10. There are visitors from Fontainebleu too - current students are watching ;)

Thank you for your visits.


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Sudha said...

lol! i am one of those bad engineers :D