February 07, 2007

MBA loans...aaargh...uurrrp..choke...

(click for larger size)

Many blog readers may not appreciate some of the labels in the cartoon - that's more specific to a forum I frequent. But you get the point ;)

A good MBA sure costs money. Just sit down and start calculating and soon you'll be seeing colorful kaleidoscopic images dancing in front of your eyes.

BTW - getting a check made out in Euros is pretty tough in the US. Bank of America branch and calls to their customer services yielded no results. I mailed the school and they said "US residents do have a problem" and told me I could either wire the money or send a check in USD for a certain fixed exchange rate. If any of you US residents are applying to INSEAD, know that there is a way out.

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Anonymous said...

I just wired the money thru BofA to the Bank account they specified. I scanned the authorization form and the enrollment form and emailed them to my interview co-ordinator.

Yet to hear from her though :)

Hope this helps