March 05, 2008

The INSEAD "Fonty" Fontainebleau Campus

Finally here, at the Fonty campus. I don't have much to say -- just settling in, and am quite exhausted with all the traveling.

  1. Much bigger than Singapore - looks and feels like a university..and that means quite some walking to get anywhere from anywhere.
  2. Much bigger library, cafeteria..greater choice of food
  3. Is definitely harder to get around - need a car. Singapore is so convenient in this area.
  4. Very, very different ambiance compared to Singapore. It's going to take me a while to get used to this place.
I'll reserve all my comparison and judgment until I settle down. Premature comments are..well.. premature! I took some photos of INSEAD Singapore - will post them in a few days.


N said...

Hey Necro : a very warm welcome to Fonty! I hope you'll settle in quickly...Sorry for the lack of outdoor pools and tropical temperatures..But we've got great cheese and wine ;-) !

Anonymous said...

Hope you get setled down quickly : i am sure you will enjoy ur time at fonty.
all the best

Anonymous said...

im apllying to insead for the jan 09 batch, im not an engineer, indian, male with 5 years of work ex in retail - any advice?