March 29, 2008

A Day in the Life of B-school Recruitment/Placement

Whether it is investment banking, strategy/management consulting or top industry jobs during B-school recruitment/placement season, life offers all of us joyful challenges :)

In other news, For those who might not know, Google docs has a nice handy feature to write a blog post in it and publish directly to blogger. Check the 'Publish' option in the main screen 'More Actions' menu item. Some of you may be flummoxed on how to get the blog title when publishing a blog from Google docs, it's simple, just make sure the first line of the document is in H1 style (heading) which you can get from Format->Heading(H1). Update: It's not very good if you use images in your posts - you'll run into some formatting issues.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to climb Mt.Everest blindfolded and my hands tied behind my back. Should be easy.

PS: For the uninitiated, a "ding" is a rejection letter, the sweet sounding letter that a company sends you to tell you how fantastically talented you are but that you still suck anyway ;)

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Makis said...

You(INSEADers) must buy a bell, install it and take a picture of someone hitting it.

Then You(necromonger) must publish a photo.

Now, I(that is me) am saying....