March 22, 2008

Consulting Case Interview - First Experience

Continuing the consulting recruitment at INSEAD Part I saga. So my first real (as in for a real company and a real job) interview was something like this (you can click the image for a larger size)

Actually, I'm kidding. In reality, I had 2 interviews, and both the interviewers were really nice. They were helpful in answering questions I asked, guided the thought process the right way, and at no point did I feel uncomfortable.

One was a market sizing case, and the other was business strategy. I think the key is to be calm and positive and not go "all over the place." This interview happened by surprise and I've not had much practice so far - but hey, surprises are part of life. Gotta deal with them as they happen.

Fun days ahead!

1 comment:

wip3out said...

Good stuff!

Did you prepare in any way? I heard that book "case in point" is helpful. Any thoughts?

Good luck with your application process. I will be in your shoes a year from now I guess.