March 26, 2008

Blog statistics / Random

Interesting. This blog is finally hitting a gentle stride -  and I've seen a steady increase of traffic over the months and the highest RSS subscribership of any INSEAD blog. I must be doing something right :)

Last few days have been good -- sleeping early, getting good sleep. We stocked our empty fridge today, which means I won't starve in the mornings. And I second ResIpsa's post on Professor Bartolome's class - it is very interesting and there is some good learning out there. One thing is for sure, I've never, ever had a professor like him all my life - and I am not kidding.

I sometimes don't understand why I get mails like "Can you give me tips on GMAT?" - and I have no choice but not to respond. A specific query helps because I cannot possibly run GMAt counselling sessions on email! There are many posts on my blog on GMAT, take a look!

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