February 14, 2008

Some randomness

I have a question. If someone leaves a comment on your blog and it requires/deserves a response, do you put the response in your own blog as an extra comment or is the etiquette to go to their blog and put a comment in theirs (as a response)?  Your comments are appreciated.

Stefanos has a couple of interesting updates on his facebook usage and his trip to Indonesia, while DTLF continues the lyrics and songs thingy that go way over my head.

I am off to beautiful Bali tomorrow.

Our wi-fi router died.

I'm tired.





DTLF said...

Be different and comment within the comment, like that really super-duper neato blogger DTLF...

hazyblur said...

Its better to reply in the same comment thread, so that it would encourage others to participate and a nice conversation could start up. Blogger needs to allow one to directly reply to comments just as Livejournal does. Commenting on the other person's blog will definitely make sure that she/he gets the message, but probably not in the right context for other readers.

And, nice blog you have here and great posts.

The Teacher said...

It is better, or I might say the right way to reply on the same thread. This maintains the theme of the conversation and gives an opportunity for other people to participate.

By the way, there is an option in Blogger now for commenters to opt for Email follow-up comments. So if i tick that options, I'll be notified about other responses on that thread.