February 11, 2008

The Recession

So, there's a lot of talk about recession. What do I think? I think - heck who cares what I think. Read SmartMoney instead.

In other news, DTLF, my enigmatic friendly INSEAD Fonty blogger, pointed out to a reader that I served an under-served market which was less panic-elastic. What (s)he is probably saying is that my blog is lame ;) Wot, DTLF? Jus' kiddin'. What's with all those song lyrics?!

1 comment:

DTLF said...

You read it wrong. I said you serve a market which is more panic elastic, i.e. the new student segment, which is usually ravenous for any shred of information regarding INSEAD.

You've got both the low-price, high-volume and high-price, high-margin ends of the market cornered.

On a quasi-related note, I was wondering why I got a 400% traffic spike yesterday. Your visitors per day metric must be through the roof. Can I borrow some of your Indian readership :P