February 06, 2008

A digression from Ranking / Happy Chinese new Year!

Nihau! let me wish a great Chinese New Year to all those who celebrate it! I was at Singapore China town to see the colorful proceedings.

I also thought I'd just post some photos from a recent trip to a private island off the coast of Indonesia. Beautiful place. It was a great 3 day trip - a good breather from the hectic period we're being subjected to.

And as a recap, my previous two ranking posts.

and based on some emails I receive, here is a repost of my entry on pragmatism and school search - something I wrote a long ago. Of increasing interest to me is the concept of building leadership in emerging economies - with specific interest in Indian companies. I hope to make an entry on that soon.

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Vinay Badal said...

Hi necromonger,
I am joing the INSEAD classstarting Aug08 (J09) in Singapore. I currently work here as well.It would be great if i could meet up with you somtime if you have the time. I work right next to school at the Biopolis. You can get my email from the MBA connect site.
Vinay Badal