February 18, 2008

Return from Bali / All the queries

Had a great weekend trip at Bali. Photos will follow soon. The Clearadmit Fridays From the Frontline mentioned my bali trip wondering who the "lucky lady" was :) well, there was no lucky lady here - it was a fun trip with a bunch of INSEAD buddies.

Thanks to all the readers who commented on my "etiquette to comment" post, well, the bottom-line is I will be posting my responses to user comments within my blog.

This week is going to be insane, as this is the last working week for P3, and there's tons of course work, group submissions to do. And then it's time to prepare for my onward journey to the INSEAD mother-ship @ Fontainebleau (a.k.a Fonty). For terminologies in INSEAD, N's current post is a nice summary!

More l8r

(A question on Facebook usage: I have a facebook account that I primarily use to keep a connected link to my friends and to see photos. I have never understood why people leave "wall" messages to friends that they see everyday on school corridors..Is there such a thing as popularity = number of wall messages?!)


N said...

Hey Necromonger,
Didn't know you were coming to the dark woods of Fonty! Welcome! You'd better get your number of wall-posts up on FB, so that everyone here thinks you're one of the popular Singa-guys ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I was probably on the same flight as you to Bali on Friday night. When i walked by saw quiet a few of you working on your lap tops on projects/submissions/proposals. I just smiled to myself on what my future would look like from August.
- Vinay

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