December 27, 2007

INSEAD Singapore Update + Photos

This is a short update on my previous INSEAD Singapore FAQ, based on some other issues I remembered + a point raised by Res I(p)sa. And then, a few photos for your viewing pleasure :)

  1. While going to Fonty from Singapore is pretty much assured, from this batch onwards we're seeing that coming to Singapore, especially in P3, can be very difficult due to limited seats available. Singapore is smaller and therefore cannot accommodate everyone from Fonty.
  2. Housing in Singapore is hard to get and is expensive - it's became worse in the last year or so. If you plan to be in Singapore, look early, and look wide. Don't wait until the last 2 weeks to get a house.
  3. If you do any 1 term in Singapore + P5 in Singapore (so you graduate from Singapore) you get invited to apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore (Singapore PR). So if you are interested in Singapore PR, this is a fast way to get one :)

This photo is the main corridor on the way to classrooms (the classrooms are behind the photographer)

The view beyond the glass wall, there's a nice outer court where you can sit and have a beer.

More photos later!

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