December 31, 2007

Wishing you all a great new year! Happy 2008!

To all my blog readers,

Here is wishing a fantastic new year 2008 to all of you.

I hope it turns out to be super great. If you're looking for a MBA admission, I hope you get what you want (Harvard, INSEAD, GenkoChienKung..). If you're hoping for a great GMAT score I hope you get that (700, 770, 820..yep, someone once said he got 810 or something). If you're looking for a partner, I hope you get one too - a good man, woman, (or an inflated doll, depending on what you want). Hope you get to make lots of $$$ (assuming the dollar doesn't keep falling). Hope you get the job you're looking for. All in all, let it all turn out fun and successful!

And me? well, please be generous and gift me the following :)

That's just for starters! Assuming I'll have a job and that I don't have to open a food court stall in Singapore post INSEAD :P ...

in case some of you are wondering about my "many" posts at this time of the year instead of partying..well, turns out I caught a minor flu 2 days ago and am still recovering. It's annoying enough for me not to go anywhere.

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Juggler said...

Happy New Year!