June 20, 2007

Why not to do startups..and future topics

I did not say it, he did. Some time ago I made a post on Why MBA, do Business. For anyone drawing conclusions on the post that 'going on your own is bad' -- I suggest you actually read the article. 
Trolling through different forums and posts, I realized that there are a few things I want to write about
a) The MBA 'sense of entitlement' and the engineers' 'frog in the pond' mentality
b) Twisting statistics - I want to comment on certain statistics that are quoted over and over again with little regard to the underlying truth
c) My take on my uncertainties post MBA
d) Some cartoons! Damn - my Tablet is going waste!
Right now I'm tired - have a lot of work to do at home as I plan to leave the US.

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DTLF said...

Whoa, Marc Andreesen. We actually got him to speak at a club event back in college. I guess I should've paid more attention to his bio and kept his business card.

Looking forward to your start-up post, from the vantage of a techie.