June 24, 2007

funny - dean's list video

heheh - pretty funny..
Given that there are many bankers, consultants, VPs, economists and what not in my class, a poor sod engineer like me can abandon all ye hopes of becoming a dean's lister... ;)


DTLF said...

That was hilarious. I expect to see some Necro-comics about this stuff next year.

res i(p)sa said...

this one is pretty funny too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0ZVn4CQRtQ

hey, I'm a lawyer, the only way I'm making dean's list is if I sue for it...!

Deepak said...

Dude where have u disappeared??

DTLF said...


I just came over to ask the same thing. Necro, wake up!