June 07, 2007

Another career report analysis / Google stand on US immigration

I also discovered that fellow blogger Million Dollar Spatula has a consulting-focused analysis of the latest INSEAD career report . Perhaps one of advantages of going to INSEAD is a relatively large alumni - with 900 grads out every year, and in every major corner on the world, it is an advantage for those who know how to leverage on it.
For those pondering the woes of work permits to US, here is a post on Google official blog - turns out 70 potential Googlers couldn't get in because they lost out on the H1 lottery. 
I got my Lenovo X60 tablet -- a review is due soon. Love the machine.


Gabriel said...

That's a real problem for the US. Human capital is so valuable that shouldn't be diverted away. They loose, others win in this zero-sum game.

Best regards

DTLF said...

I will now look at the Wharton ding with a global perspective. The US lost out, and France gained. I like that.

Necro, how can I contact you? Shoot me an email at dtlf08-no spam-@gmail.com

I'm re-thinking the tablet again...Damnit.

Gabriel said...

That's how it is. In either case, with your interaction with INSEAD, you gained, your fellows gained, the school too, we are all gaining now... except the ones not participating. :)

The tablet sounds far more sensible than new microsoft's surface: a tablet attached to an actual table.