June 24, 2007

what an awful, awful day yesterday

The events went something like this (I had to visit New York for some consulate related work - they give out the necessary papers only between 4:15 and 5:15 PM)
1:20 PM - reached New Haven railway station, took at ticket for the 1:57 train to grand central new york
1:41 PM - took a snack a dunkin donuts, checked the time on my cell phone
1:50 - headed to track to catch the train
1:52 - realized that my cell phone was no longer on  my waist clip - panic
1:52-1:54 - ran back tracing my steps, cell nowhere to be found
1:55 - mentally calculated cost of missing the trip vs. losing the phone. Got the phone as a refurb and was only 50$, so it was Ok. Sat in the train
2:00 - train still in station..strange..then someone announces 'this train isnt the grand central train, please exit'
2:02 - realized the GC train was cancelled, and next one at 2:33 - oops, too close for comfort to reach NYC
2:33 - train leaves to GC
4:30 - arrived at GC New York
4:45 - still standing in the damned taxi line - no frikkin taxis!!
4:50 - finally got a taxi, now navigating through horrendous peak hour manhattan traffic
5:05 - taxi somewhere close to consulate, but stuck in traffic. I jumped out of the cab and decided to sprint
5:10 - reached consulate,gasping, huge damned line outside the consulate! WTF?!!!!!
5:11 - some lady says 'there is no line for XYZ go in!' - moronic consulate officials hadn't bothered to inform
5:12 - got in, only a few people ahead
5:16 - got what I wanted...what a damned relief after a crappy day
6:15 - still waiting for a darned cab, leg hurting, hungry, tired, pissed
9:30 - home. crashed. have a lot of 'moving' work to take care of this week because we're leaving next week...
The phone's gone. Sad. It was a nice Windows mobile phone I got really cheap...


res i(p)sa said...

sounds like one too many NY days I've had! well, and Paris days too, to tell the truth... maybe Singapore is more organized.

DTLF said...

Look at the positive: now you can step up to a 8525.

By the way, how'd you get a refurb for fifty bucks? Was that with or without a contract? Tell me your secrets, please (via email, of course)!

RunningTurtle said...

Just not your day.