May 13, 2007

Best of Blogger Results/stats

I've been marooned in the island of dinged blogs ;) Anyway, congratulations to the winners! Rungee, you don't really need an iPod, send it to over to me.

I do hope to keep blogging, if nothing for the fact that I could look back on my posts years from now and see how my journey evolved. From a statistical point of view, for the first time since I began observing visitor stats, I'm getting more hits from Google (direct) than from referral sites like opencoder and clearadmit. I have close to 50/50 on new and revisits, which is pretty good. As I acquire new customers, I also need to keep my current ones! ;)

Thanks for reading.


Bancaku said...

Ha ha ha! Funny!

rungee582 said...

Haha... thanks. :)