May 05, 2007

sundry this and that

Work's been keeping me *very* busy, but I plan to ramp down slowly over the course of the month.

In the meantime - I'm welcoming Le Blog Hog and Bharat to the Class of 2008 blog list. Stefanos of Brutal Facts, class of 2007 is also back on the roll.

For some reason, I wanted to do a collage of Lord of the Rings as "Lord of the Labs" (for something else), and I realized that the title text of none of the 3 movies have an 'a' in them! "Fellowship of the Ring","The Two Towers", and "Return of the King" - I can understand 'b', but 'a'?

I've been playing Call of Duty 2, great game. It's been a while since I gamed -- so I'm enjoying it instead of worrying about moving my family, finances and what not ;) I've also been doing some thinking on 'what really do I want to do post MBA'? the answer so far is 42.

I got a new Windows Mobile 5.0 device (Cingular 8125) after breaking my Treo 600's screen. I actually like this new phone! excellent Outlook integration, browser is pretty cool, and I got some nifty software to make it easy to use. Since it's quad band GSM I should be able to use it in India and in Singapore and maybe in France or Philly - wherever. Thank GSM for at least being one technology that's widely adopted that you don't need 4 phones - unlike electric outlets. It makes you wonder sometimes - electricity is possibly the most widely used modern invention (discovery?) and we don't have common outlets. Problems of legacy and national egos and no end in sight due to the sheer logistics of conversion (it wouldn't make much sense anyway - but I'm commenting on the state of things).

More soon. I think I got dropped off again from Hella's list - thank you blogger >:/ I'm too busy to investigate it right now.

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