May 20, 2007

Vivid dreams - digression

I get colorful, vivid 70mm action packed dreams. Been like that since I was young, and it's still like that. I love it.

The latest one - well, just felt like writing about it, because the mind has a strange way of collaging unconnected events. (spoiler alert in case you haven't watched the latest episode of 'the Office' - episode Job Interview Part I and II)

Event 1: The last few days I've been playing Call of Duty 2 multiplayer. Great war FPS game and multiplayer is very good. So I'm running around gunning people, screaming incomprehensible German, throwing grenades, getting my @ss shot many times, hiding behind burnt Tiger tanks -- it's been a blast, literally.

Event 2: In the latest episode of office, the CFO calls Andy and tells him he has the job at corporate. He tells him 'It will be good to have another MBA in here'. The fact that Andy gets the job is a surprise.

The dream: In the dream, I'm in a war struck town - all torn buildings, and I'm in a weak allied tank trying to attack a Tiger Tank (german make, powerful, sturdy armor). A 'fellow soldier' joins me and comes on the other side of the road with another tank. Andy, from Office, is in the Tiger Tank, in the middle of the road, sandwiched between the other allied tank and mine, and is unable to maneuver. Our tank fire isn't affecting the larger tiger tank, but strangely - there is a window to the tiger tank! And I figure I could set the innards of the tank on fire, so I begin to rain bullets through the tank window and I can see smoke inside..the idea is to fry Andy. Huh. War. Tanks. Andy from Office. And me trying to send him back to his maker. Thank you brain for conjuring that.

I get lots of colorful, flying-shooting-aliens-wars-police-chase-spacecraft dreams..very smugly happy with myself ;)


Miss Curly Bee said...

I guess with INSEAD in your pocket, you can dream whatever it is you like! :-)

DTLF said...


I just realized you're starting in S'pore. What a shame; I was looking forward to meeting you.

Will you be doing a Fonty exchange?