May 27, 2007

Class of 2008 and 24 at INSEAD

The following takes place between 7:00 PM and 8 PM
(somewhere in the forests of Fontainebleu)

necro: "D.T.L.F can you download Frank Brown's latest whereabouts to my PDA and also the schematics of his dinner restaurant along with names of the VP's from Google who are with him"

DTLF: "But..necro..that isn't right, you're not allowed to tag behind him..."

me: "Dammit DTLF, don't let Antonio know and I won't do anything embarassing, I promise! I give you my word!"

DTLF: "Bharath, can you pull up our satellite feed and send necro the schematics and Frank's location?"

Bharath: "Why does necro want to know where Frank Brown is?"

DTLF: "Don't ask me questions Bharath, I trust necro more than I trust Wolfowitz! Just do it!"

Bharath: (Yahoo whiz an' all but hey the computers are crappy slow -- the images and text scroll on the screen all the time...) "OK here they are, I got the list of his guests for the evening, it includes several senior VPs from McKinsey!"

DTLF: "necro...we have what you need. Now go to the garden hose near where you are and plug in your PDA and we'll download the data for you!"

necro runs to the garden and plugs his PDA to the rubber pipe and downloads all the data.


DTLF: "necro, thermal imaging shows that there are 7 apart from the dean, and they are near the center tables. Our satellite is also picking up heat from their business cards which are all placed on the table..."

necro: "copy that! I'm moving in...ask Bharath to download some pepper into my PDA!"

DTLF: "copy that! Bharath - send some pepper to necro's PDA now!"

necro sneaks to a car parked nearby and forces the passenger to listen to his life story....after the passenger passes out of boredom, necro plugs the PDA to the audio jack and downloads pepper. He then collects the pepper pouring out of the antenna slot.

necro :"I'm ready to make the move, ask strawberrytints and byoost to take up the perimeter and no one move until I say!"

DTLF "roger that!"


(next episode on what happens, next time!)

all I know is I want Jack Bauer's PDA - it does amazing things.


Wannabe said...


why are there so many insead bloggers? with the heavy workload in the 10 month course, how many (new bloggers) are able to keep it up? not to mention people like domo and zanatos that manage to blog regularly. are insead student super achieving bloggers? :(

DTLF said...


Many of us super achieving bloggers are actually super slacking workers in disguise. For those of us with jobs that we're certain we will not return to, the wind-up to INSEAD is pretty much a vacation, with a light amount of productivity thrown in.

As you said, we'll see how many J08 bloggers are still standing by P2.

IMO, the key to blogging, as with most other activities, is discipline and passion. If you block out 30 minutes a day for writing, and actually, *gasp*, LIKE to write, then all is well. If you view it as a job, or a chore, then you're doomed.

DTLF said...


Rub it in, why don't you? Your 8125 is going to help you save the world. My Treo, on the other hand, is just going to make me cry. Know anyone who wants to buy a 650? Or trade for their 8125/8525 :D

necromonger said...


There aren't a lot of INSEAD bloggers - just that I guess the new bloggers have all linked themselves.

When it comes to blogging, a little discipline, actually wanting to do it, and about 30 minutes a week (not even day!) is all it takes. My own blog is updated only once a week or so - and it's not all that hard. Whether we can maintain this as we start class is another story..hopefully we will.

DTLF - I owned a Treo 650 and it reset on me so many times I got fed up of it. Comparatively the 8125 has been very stable. Buy an Apple iPhone ;)

Anonymous said...

One of my goals for next year is that the INSEAD mini-IT course will help help me understand the meaning of "logs and sockets" on 24, in the same way that law school made Law & Order more comprehensible.

zanat0s said...

Hey famous blogger! how come your blog is so famous?

hey by the way you still haven't blogged about me. i think you should make a post about zani the zana!

Check my link to you said...

zanat0s - famous? me? I had no idea whether I'm famous. I just blog. I think you're more famous :) Anyway thanks for linking me, and I've reciprocated it.

Dee said...

Cool, v cool but you really need to give me better activities to do then just guard the perimeter :(
I'm watching 24 yet again to get up to speed for our next assignment! Maybe a bit of Lost & Prison break too?

zanat0s said...

necromonger please read this and post sth! i think it is terrible!