May 02, 2008

Best of Blogging Award! .. and another lifesaving tip..

Last year, Clearadmit dinged me and I got no award >:/ which prompted me to put this post. But this year, I've finally been honored -- yeah! Oh yeah baby! wait...9th place?! you gotta be kidding me! C'mon! ;)

2007 (last year)

This year..a little better!

Well, thank you readers, clearadmit...feels good

consolidate all IM with Digsby - you will thank me for this!

If you use IM messaging in MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Talk and have friends scattered all over, go over and get yourself Digsby which is out of private beta. In one single IM you can consolidate all your friends, see facebook news feeds, update status, see gmail snips...makes life so much simpler and easier. Start using it and you'll realize how good it is and it's still in early stages. PS - if you hadn't noticed - faceboook introduced IM just like Google chat. With Digsby you can see all your online facebook buddies in a regular desktop application along with Yahoo, MSN, Google talk -- makes it really cool. Only Skype is missing.

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