May 11, 2008

Interesting session/Some Fonty pics/Weather obsession

Today a class mate of ours held a very interesting multi-hour session on marketing and branding of one of the most recognized brands in the world (he works there...). It put a practical face to some of the things we've been learning.

The post presentation session was a fun outdoor "drink mixing session" - that turned out to be both informative (!) and fun. The weather was gorgeous, and I lay down on the grass and shot some random pics around me.

P5 has not been that stressful - I'm more relaxed now. There is work to do but it can be managed - I will be going here and there for some "sponsored free trips" ;) and I've chosen a couple of hard skill classes that I think will be valuable to me going forward. I have a few posts that I need to write on this whole recruitment business. I guess I am one of those who managed a change of function-sector-geography, and many are interested in such switches. It takes effort.

So there - beautiful weather outside. When I lived in India, I never really thought about weather - especially sunny weather. I always wonder what the big deal was with this whole "let's check weather" obsession in US - and Europe takes it to a whole new level. It wasn't that bad in the US either - California is much like Bangalore in terms of weather, and East Coast may be cold, but there was sunlight. After spending time here, I really realized why sunlight is such a prized possession! You have a sunny weekend and the whole population cannot stop talking about it (and that includes me). Back home we had about 9 months of bright sun and 3 months of rain and sun...

I wish we could export sunlight.

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