January 29, 2008

Sharpening my keyboard for FT 2008 MBA commentary

So FT came up with the MBA 2008 rankings. INSEAD is up 1 spot to 6, LBS moved sharply to No.2. But what was interesting to me was how some ranking methodologies have inherent contradictions or distort certain aspects. So, I'm sharpening my keyboard for the commentary - coming soon.

P3 is crazy. Sheesh. So much work.


For those who landed here searching for the FT 2008 MBA Ranking analysis, here it is. If you are interested, you can look up my commentary on the FT 2007 MBA Ranking written last year


maxjax said...

Any comments on this?

necromonger said...

That article reeks of bias - not worthy of a mention or response :) (and it's from EIU..'nuff said)

DTLF said...

London based publication, London based b-school rocketing up the rankings. As our UDJ professor would say, ro equals one.

Go, go salamander!

Anonymous said...

I think you're taking too long to post that commentary... your platitude-bestowing #1 fan is thinking of revoking your crown as the best INSEAD blog.

necromonger said...

anon, aw c'mon - I was travelling :) it's coming out tomorrow.

maxjax said...

INSEAD just hiked it's tuition fees to 60000 euro :(

that's a blow!

BTW, I took the gmat again and scored a 760. Guess that means I am one more nerdy Indian now... and more effort to be expended on my essay. So be it.

I'm going to visit the S'pore campus tomorrow. Hope it's all I hope it will be :)

zanat0s said...

hey man,

i post my commentary on rankings yesterday! hope it satisfies your readers!

phathu said...

awesome commentry!