January 05, 2008

Queries that land on my blog - answers!

On my Google Analytics I sometimes see interesting queries that finally land on my blog. Here are some, and my answers to those queries!

Q. gmat better to not finish or guess
A. I guess the writer(s) is/are wondering if one should guess answers if they don't know how to solve them, or leave the test unfinished. The answer is In GMAT Always finish the test. Guess if you have to but do NOT leave the test unfinished. You are penalized more for not finishing than getting questions wrong.

Q.How hard is it to get into INSEAD?
A. I cannot answer that question. Let's just say it's not easy. You need quality work experience, preferably some international experience, a decent GMAT score ( > 700 is helpful - my guess), good essays. It's comparable to requirements for most top schools. The difference with, say, the popular US schools is when you apply to INSEAD you will often compete against people who have applied only to INSEAD. This means your application needs to be pretty solid as to why you want INSEAD.

Q.How to get admitted into INSEAD?
A. *cough* read the web site. http://www.insead.edu/mba for details. To keep it short - write GMAT, download INSEAD application, write essays, get recommendations, submit. Do interviews well. Wait. It's almost exactly like most other schools.

Q. How good is INSEAD?
A. :) depends on what you seek. If you want lots of women, hmm, not a very good place. Too competitive.

A. You should know why!

Q. How good at MGMAT
A. MGMAT = Manhattan GMAT Prep material. I used them, I liked them. See the links on top of my blog to order from Amazon.

Q. INSEAD and Strength
A. Huh? Do you mean annual intake? (~900, => ~450 per promotion - January and September)

Q. INSEAD Interview Questions
A. Questions vary from questioners. But typically be expected to be asked "why INSEAD? Why now? Why you?", other than that, it's fair game.

Q. INSEAD Reputation
A. Depends on what you mean. One of my posts on ranking is here. You should do your own research before deciding.

Q.INSEAD recruitment / placement / career stat questions
A. This post of my on INSEAD 2006 career reports / placement / recruitment statistics was pretty popular . It covered INSEAD 2006 performance, and also compared it with Stanford and Wharton - and links to LBS report as well.

Q. How is INSEAD compared to IIM / ISB (asked by Indian applicants) (I see similar comparisons - eg. Columbia vs. IIM)
A. Depends on what you seek. The value proposition and experience of top international MBAs is different from IIM / ISB. There is no clear-cut answer to such questions. If you ask more directed questions, some of us may be able to clarify further.

Q. Insead singapore cut scores gmat
A. The question, I presume, is what is the probably lowest GMAT score "accepted" by INSEAD Singapore. My friend - there is no separate admission to INSEAD Singapore. I don't believe there is a "cut score" either. Regardless, you really, really should this post on INSEAD admissions and Singapore

Well, that's it for now. Gotta clean up  my really messy room! Apart from these queries, I see many readers actually looking for my blog (I am truly, deeply honored) - some of the popular queries are

"necromonger blog"
"necromonger singapore"
"let me wear a suit blog"
"necromonger insead"
"let me wear a suit, please"

There are some pretty funny results - but that's for another time.

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N said...

Hey Necromonger!as a regular reader of your blog, and quite a new blogger myself, I was wondering: how/where can you see your google-statistics? I've been trying to find out, but without succes so far...
Keep on writing and good luck with the remaining MBA-time!