January 22, 2008

Fonty Vs. Singapore - the new thriller in town

So, we've been invaded by the alien hoards of Fonty ;) they far outnumber we original 'singa' (as in singapore) starters.

The dynamics are interesting - most of the time, we don't know who is our batch from Fonty and who is from the new incoming batch. We're making a few friends but it is tough to make lots of new friends -- I was just kidding with my image above, it's great to have all the Fonty'ers here, welcome guys (and girls), hope you have a great stay in Singapore. And I'm looking forward to experiencing Fonty in P4 and P5

1 comment:

DTLF said...

My money's on Predator.

You're in Fonty for 4 and 5?

How's P3 shaping up? It's starting to get crazy here.