March 27, 2007

ho some institues maket themseles!

MBA tends to be hot. Recently, out of curiosity, I was generally
looking at forums for some less known schools in India, and came
across a thread discussing a specific school (which is not among the
big names - not IIMs/ISB/XLRI) I have not heard of the school, and it
was quite amusing to read the posts where there were many critics and
a few supporters - predictably current students. Apparently a lot of
current students advice applicants to keep this school as a backup
last choice! I won't name the school.

So after wondering what caused such caustic remarks and fervent
support - I happened to look at the web site. Boy, it sure is

For starters, they mis-spell "Institute" as "Institue" right on one of
their admissions pages. And it doesn't end there, if you were
wondering about 'don't be an ass about a spelling mistake!'

Then, eligibility seems rather lax. For e.g. for the finance program
you need to have a prior degree in "economics, mathematics, political
science(?).." and the sentence ends with a "etc." Etc.?

You also require 50% marks in your examination but never mind if you
don't have that score, just write another institu(t)e test and all
will be well.

And here's another kicker - apparently if you are called for a group
discussion (GD - a concept not used in US school admissions. It goes
something like this: a bunch of students stridently arguing trying to
get a point across to a professor who probably isn't listening ;) )
..where was I? yes - if you are called for a group discussion you are
required to bring a certain sum (25,000 rupees - about 800$) to the
discussion and you may be "spot offered." You must accept the offer
immediately or you will be placed under wait list. If you take the
offer, the amount is non-refundable. Talk about making decisions on
your feet!

These institutes, and many like these, have quite a bit of competition
as well. A combination of a fast growing economy, media hype
surrounding some of the highest salaries in the top schools, lack of
high paying opportunities outside the traditional IT fields makes many
think of MBA as a fast ticket to success. Where there are buyers there
certainly are sellers. A lot of students are interested in these
institutes never mind questionable admission practices and vague
information on placements and career opportunities. I just wish they
did their reserach a little more diligently before "what? avg sal iz 4
lks plzz lemme know i must dpost mney 2day!" The posts are often
peppered with "our school has a great campus and wi-fi" - I hate to
break the news but a great campus maketh not a great school (ask
students of Columbia for the reverse case). Great schools have an
influential alumni, renowned professors and research capacity, strong
track record of interaction and placement in the industry and
positive, supportive vibe from its alumni.

Sometimes I feel tempted to add a sentence of caution or two, but when
you see how similar posts have been treated (with disdain, vicious
attack - including one in which the not-so-polite student cautioned
the posted with 'we are watching you!') it's best leave the thread
alone and hope some of the deserving applicants do their research and
get into a place that makes more sense.


Hilibilly said...

heheh, you're talking of IIPM, aint you? read these:

Read the comments on the 2nd link against the author of the post by IIPMstudents

Anonymous said...

Good try, but no - this isn't IIPM ;)