March 08, 2007

Am going into Detox/Rehab

Nothing like a sensationalist heading to attract attention. Imagine how boring it would look if I said "I'm cutting down computer time."
Anyway, Late night 3 few days ago I realized that I was wasting away my life on the computer. I would be in front of it all day, morning to night, and getting up only for lunch, dinner, snacks. But no matter what chore I did, I would be back on my desk. I was feeling miserable, my shoulders hurt - and an angel appeared to me...well, not really, just that I figure this was enough. I had to detox from my computer usage and check-in to a "rehab of the mind"
I now follow a strict regimen (I tend to disciplined once I make up my mind for something)
  1. I will be on the computer only as much as my offical work requires
  2. I will not check my personal mail or browse anything unofficial, even news, when I am at work
  3. I will condense all my personal work to a single 1 hour slot per day. This 1 hour will be for
    1. Check my personal mail, respond to them
    2. Read my favorite blog feeds
    3. Make any blog entry if I have something to say
    4. Visit some of my top sites/forums and troll around
  4. I will shut down my laptop once I am done. It will not be in 'idle' mode so I can hop in anytime I want.
  5. I will go to the gym regularly. I used to, long ago.
I've been following this to the letter for last couple of days and I feel so much better. I don't feel lousy, my mind and body feel better with the exercise. I'm back to reading my favorite books (Michael Connelly!) and spending more time with my family. I guess I need this discipline because I need to do some pre-reading before heading off to school.


Inblue said...

Once you have a broken laptop like me, life will really seem so good again. I was doing this comp sticking a few months ago.

That's a good thought, really !Stick to it !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...